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    Cross Andromeda A25: Specs, Price Cheap Android phone Under A Million Processor 1 GHz

    Divagame.net - Cross Andromeda A25: Specs, Price Cheap Android phone Under A Million Processor 1 GHz. After releasing cheap android Cross  Android Ad350, Cross re-released cheap Android phone priced under one million with a 1 GHz processor. This Cheap android phone name is Cross Andromeda A25.

    Cross Andromeda A25
    If previously Cross Mobile released android phone for middle level, Cross Andromeda A20, Cross Mobile also released this time for entry level android phone bargain price affordable namely Cross Andromeda A25.

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    Andromeda A25 comes with carrying the Android OS 2.3.6 Gingerbread and equipped with a 1 GHz processor CPU. While using the LCD screen 3.5-inch Capacitive Multi-Touch and supported 4 GB Internal Memory (512 MB) ROM, 2 Gb (256 MB) of RAM. Here are the full specs:

    Specifications Cross Andromeda A25:
    1. Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
    2. Dual GSM EDGE Wifi
    3. LCD 3.5 "LCD
    4. Capacitive Multi Touch
    5. Rear Camera 2 Mega Pixels
    6. CPU 1 GHz
    7. Internal Memory 4 Gb (512 MB) ROM, 2 Gb (256 MB) of RAM
    8. External Memory Support Micro SD up to 32 GB
    9. MP3 / MP4 / 3GP / FM Radio / Audio Video Recording
    10. WAP / GPRS / Wifi / Modem / Bluetooth
    11. Support Video Chat
    12. USB Tethering & Portable Wifi Hot Spot
    13. Youtube, Push Email, Maps
    14. Compatible USB and 3.5 mm HF

    Price Cross Andromeda A25
    So far there has been no official announcement of the price Cross Andromeda A25. If you look at the specifications and features, estimated, Cross Andromeda A25 will be priced below one million. Predicament is obvious from the specification OS, whose two 3-inch screen and the camera is only 2 MP. Don't forget to read Cross andromeda a20.


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